6 Best Reasons To Get AWS Certified

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AWS happens to be a leading cloud platform that is slowly becoming more popular. The AWS cloud offers more features and services than any other cloud provider. AWS certified is an integral part of infrastructure technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Thanks to AWS, it’s easier and more cost-effective to move legacy applications to the cloud. This on-demand computing pioneer was launched in 2006. The AWS Console is a web application that references a large collection of service consoles for managing Amazon web services. The AWS Console is a visual interface for exploring AWS. 

AWS knowledge helps users choose the right tool for the job. As a result, the best performance can be obtained from the end-user.

Top 6 Reasons why you should be AWS certified

Thousands of people are trying out the AWS cloud certification. The AWS Certified Learner exam is for individuals with the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate an effective understanding of the AWS Cloud. It is independent of the technical roles addressed by other AWS certifications. 

Many people apply for AWS certification. 

The cost of AWS certification shouldn’t be a deterrent, because knowing AWS is a career boost. Let’s explore some of the  reasons behind learning AWS:

1. Security

Amazon AWS provides premium security for its users. It provides customers with the highest level of data security and privacy. It ensures data security through precise access, data location control, and physical security. With extensive security support, AWS provides real-time insights into potential vulnerabilities. 

The security of the AWS Cloud has always been the subject of debate among cloud engineers. A serverless computing platform called AWS Lambda is provided by Amazon, as part of Amazon Web Services. This IT department started in 2014. 

AWS Lambda executes code in response to events. It then automatically manages the computational resources required for the code. Eligible users can use AWS Lambda to build custom services that operate at the scale, confidentiality, and security of AWS. This is a classic example of Amazon’s AWS offering. AWS also offers various compliance programs with an extensive security support network. It provides real-time insight into potential vulnerabilities.

2. Fastest-Growing Public Cloud Service

AWS training is essential for those wanting a career in the IT industry. AWS certifications are in high demand. AWS is expected to increase its market share to more than 50% by 2020. Research shows that AWS is a safe career choice for IT professionals. AWS owns many infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It is predicted that AWS will grow even more in the coming years. 

AWS was responsible for generating billions of dollars in revenue each year in 2015. Since then, revenue has doubled. AWS Lambda is a serverless product that grows at a compound annual rate. A data processing engine called Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) is one of the fastest-growing data processing tools. If the current trend continues, we should expect to see a significant increase in AWS going forward. It seems that AWS is one step ahead of other forms of technology. AWS has grown your organization’s revenue at an unprecedented rate.

3. Free-Tier Access And Affordable Pricing

AWS free tier is slowly gaining popularity. Newbies and interns who want hands-on experience with AWS can create a free tier AWS account for free. Free offers do not expire. In contrast, the free account tier grants access to certain free services. Some of these services are available at no cost to all AWS customers. 

They may have usage limits. However, these services are  part of an AWS free tier account. It helps people familiarize themselves with what will be offered with the pay-as-you-go service.

4. Validation Of Credibility

Confidence and credibility are two of the most important factors when people need to demonstrate their skills in front of potential employers.  AWS certifications are the best way to demonstrate your credibility and worth to potential employers. 

AWS Certificates add a lot of weight to the cv. Organizations with a high percentage of AWS Certified employees have access to the AWS Partner Network. 

The AWS Partner Network helps organizations get resources and training in areas like sales, marketing, and business. 

AWS Certification demonstrates that a certified professional has undergone rigorous training and can deploy the necessary skills as needed. Such professional certification demonstrates that the certified person is competent in a particular field. AWS Certifications help professionals learn beyond their assigned coursework, with the help of in-depth resources.

5. Demand Outweighs Supply

The demand for AWS Certified Professionals is greater than their supply. Most cloud computing jobs require AWS-certified professionals. The AWS cloud is in high demand in the IT industry. Jobs that require AWS cloud computing skills are hiring. 

The average job posting for an IT professional with AWS cloud computing skills has an amazingly high hiring size. Therefore, it is difficult for employers to find suitable candidates for the title. This crisis is felt more deeply in the United States. 

Cloud skills from AWS certified are in high demand these days. IT organizations are willing to pay as much as possible to hire AWS Certified Professionals.

6. Impressive Compensation

AWS certifications teach a number of skills that can help people earn six-figure salaries. The AWS Solution Architect Certification training course gives anyone a deeper understanding of AWS architecture principles. 

It teaches users how to scale and design  AWS cloud deployments, along with best practices covered by Amazon. AWS Certified Solution Architects earn an average salary of over $1 million. Knowledge of 4,444 AWS skills like Elastic MapReduce, Elastic Cache, Elastic Beanstalk, and Key Management Services also makes people millions of dollars a year. In regions like Austin, Boston, and San Francisco, AWS Certified Professionals pay more than usual.