6 Golden Tips For Better Tableau Performance

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Let’s start by congratulating you for getting the Tableau licence or deciding to adopt it for your business. You are already a notch ahead, enroute to exceptional business intelligence and data visualization capabilities. 

Now, the next step is getting familiar with the Tableau user interface. Some conventions and best practices are to be followed when working with Tableau. Discover them in our blog post below: 

#1 – Customize your Tableau Dashboard

Every business is unique and solves a unique problem. To suit the specific needs of the business, the business intelligence tool should be smart, powerful and, above all – personalizable. Tableau is a self-service BI tool that you can develop as per your requirements. The dashboards, reports and data allow users at all levels to customize to make new discoveries. For better Tableau productivity, it is recommended that you learn the Tableau implementation best practices and customize the dashboard according to your business requirements.

#2 – PRO TIP: Cut the clutter

From mathematics to using Tableau dashboards, neatness is one of the keys to solving data problems. To date, it is crucial to keep the data dashboard clean. Excess worksheets on a dashboard can impact its performance. Remember:

  • You should try to use only one or two colour palettes in a single dashboard to have complete clarity and transparency. 
  • Unnecessary text, numbers, notes, lines or shading act as mere clutter. 
  • Hide the unused fields and minimize the number of records. The idea is to use extract filters to keep only the information you really require.
  • Large crosstabs with too many filters can lead to increased load times when you view all the rows and dimensions on a Tableau view.
  • Excessive marks or data points also reduce the visual analytics value on a view.

The underlining tip is to avoid information overload as it can make it harder to see or understand your data. Keep what is important and can provide actionable insights to the viewers.

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#3 – Master useful keyboard shortcuts

As you get a licence and begin with Tableau implementation, learning keyboard shortcuts can go a long way. This can improve your performance while using the Tableau dashboard. And when you perform well, you can leverage Tableau better to understand your business with the help of data visualization.

#4 – Optimize your calculations

The Tableau licence allows you to perform simple to complex calculations in the database. While doing these numeric calculations, keep in mind: 

  • Perform row-level and aggregate calculations in the database to reduce overhead in Tableau. 
  • Reduce nested calculations as unpacking and building take longer for every extra layer.
  • The more marks in the table, the longer it will take to calculate.
  • Wherever possible, use MIN or MAX in place of AVG as it needs more processing. Often the results displayed are similar in both cases.
  • Using numeric calculations instead of string calculations can improve Tableau performance and give results faster.

#5 – Use the latest and basic features in balance

When it comes to data visualization using Tableau, it is vital to master the basics. The underlying functionality remains the same, but there are regular updates to the business intelligence software. Stay informed of all these updates to continually improve Tableau performance.

#6 – Hire recognized and reliable Tableau partners

Sure, Tableau’s performance is not directly related to the partner team you hire. But, it does matter. If you have trusted experts, they can guide you to use the software optimally. With migration to managed services support, you can attain efficient Tableau performance. 

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