A complete guide to camping in rishikesh

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Rishikesh is one of the best tourist places in the world for travellers. Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand which is the most important place for tourists and also devotes as this place is  treated as holy place. Rishikesh is most popular for river rafting, and also camping at campsites. Rishikesh is located  at Foothills of himalayas and on bank of the river ganga. The holy river ganga welcomes many tourists from different places and different countries throughout the year. Rishikesh is also famous for many yoga and meditation centers .

There are many beach side campsites in Uttarakhand other than Shivpuri. Within 12 km to 20 km to bus stand you can see a few places like Shivpuri, Brahmapuri , Kodiyala , marine drive with beach side camps. Apart from camping you can soak in beach water with sports like badminton and volleyball. You can enjoy it with your friends. There are many meditation and yoga centers all over the rishikesh where you can relax  and can keep your body and soul calm.

How to reach Rishikesh for Camping 

Rishikesh is located in Uttarakhand , Dehradun district. It is the most famous tourist place. This place has many tourists all year. Apart from yoga, meditation and spas, there are many pilgrims were people  visit these pilgrims from all the places in India and also from other countries too.People can reach Rishikesh by Train , bus and by air too.

In Rishikesh camping and rafting are the best activities to do in White River.It is not that easy to find best-quality campsites in the Himalayas.People feel upset with campsites having no adventures.A campsite which is  comfortable to have good sleep is to be chosen wisely.there are different types of campsites some are with most adventures and few are with recreated adventures nd few having different themed campsites.Themed campsites !! Yes, themed campsites like Village campsite at Barkot near Kunjapuri temple, Jungle campsite at Mala Kunti near marine drive, Mountain Top campsite at Jaintapuri temple in Kota village.

There is no limit for campsites in Rishikesh , You can choose a campsite according to your comfort and choice.the campsites in Rishikesh are comfortable for tourists. The campsites are covered with green plants and trees , valleys, and rivers or beaches.You can select a campsite at your comfort and  according to your requirements. You can see beautiful scenery and a pleasant atmosphere. Mostly all the campsites are located by the banks of the river with water adventures and fun adventures. You can enjoy your trip with friends and family members . You can stay relaxed and refreshed by the banks of the river enjoying and taking yoga and meditation classes which are nearby. 

Aspen adventures:

Aspen adventures are the best adventures to be chosen in Rishikesh , it is surrounded with green lush gardens of plants and trees.the activities at this place are quite amazing . and the most interesting part of the campsite is its buffet restaurants , which serve different cuisines. Here you have activities like Flying fox, bungee jumping, rafting, trekking etc… Choosing Aspen adventures makes you explore all the adventurous activities. This campsite is located at Laxamanjhulla .

Rendezvous rafting camp:

This is also one of the best campsites in rishikesh , adventure seekers will love this place.At this campsite you can see a wide range of adventures activities like rafting, trekking and many more. The camps here are with all the facilities that a person needs. This is a luxurious camp if you want to stay comfortable.You will have the best experiences by rafting in the river.This campsite is located at Rattapani ,Neelakanth road .

Wildex camp:

This camp is on the banks of the river Ganga, so choosing this campsite is a good choice. Rajaji national park is nearer to this campsite. This place is surrounded with lush greenery.The atmosphere here is really cool and relaxing with pleasant nature. You can spot  birds which are rare himalayan birds. Camping at Wildex campsite is really a great opportunity and great experience to have been close to nature. And exploring Rajaji national park and to see exotic Flora and fauna.This is located at Phool Chatti in Neelkanth road.

Green Ganga Adventure camp:

This camp is located in forests and hills covered with thick green trees. The surrounding is the attraction for this campsite because it is fully covered with trees.The rooms are maintained well with hygiene. You can create beautiful memories and can enjoy them along with your friends and family. You can explore the wilderness around the campsite.You can also go for Rafting, trekking, campfires, bungee jumping and many more….