Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

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Good medical professionals are pillars of a stable healthcare system. There are many institutions that provide admission in MBBS courses to young aspirants in India and abroad. If anyone wants to seek admission in MBBS course, Bangladesh is  perhaps a good option. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh has its own pros and cons which we have discussed below. Overall, you won’t regret your decision to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Young and enthusiastic minds can be nurtured anywhere, institutions do have a crucial role to play. Let’s see whether it’s apt to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

1. Recognised institutions

All MBBS degrees awarded to medicos are approved by NMC, the governing council in the medical field. The degree is provided by government not any private institution even if the institution doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of government.

2. Standard syllabus

Same syllabus as prescribed by National Medical Commission (NMC) for indian students is followed. There is no discrepancy in this area. Even, same journals and research papers that are written by renowned Indian authors are read by students here during the MBBS course.

3. Similar living conditions

Both neighbouring countries almost have people suffering from the same diseases. The diagnosis and line of treatment followed is the same. The clinical facilities are good as the hospitals have 500+ beds with a high acceptance rate.

4. Good hands on practice

Since all medical colleges in Bangladesh have hospitals attached to them, medicos ranging from first year to final year can be found roaming and treating patients. This provides good opportunities for students to apply theoretical knowledge and learn from their seniors the most efficient way to diagnose.

5. Standard level of teaching

All class lectures or labs are taken by professors in English. The medical students are given ample amount of exposure to clinical knowledge to treat patients as there is a huge intake of patients in clinics and hospitals everyday.

6. Good discipline

There is a proper code of conduct followed indoors or outdoors. It is prohibited to use alcohol or drugs in Bangladesh. This may be a sign of relief for parents and students alike.

7. Extravagant opportunities

Candidates pursuing Medical degree from Bangladesh have a higher chance of passing the exams/entrances like FMGE/NEXT, Students studying in Nepal don’t have to get any training or tuitions to pass this entrance as the level of education matches and almost same books from same indian author are followed. Basically the MCI study pattern (British curriculum is prevalent here).

8. Similar to indian private institutions

To study in Bangladesh, the cost is very less as compared to Indian private colleges at almost the same level. Both of them provide almost the same facilities and accomplishments. So, it’s a good alternative for those who don’t wish to pursue MBBS from India.

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Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

1. High fees

In the first year itself, payment is very high as compared to other countries. Maybe 30-40 percent of the amount can be asked just to ensure that students don’t leave the seats in consecutive years. The fees structure is not good, say the fees is 36000 dollars, you will have to pay like 12000 dollars in first year itself.

2. Fraud Institutions

All medical colleges in Bangladesh are not credible. Maybe, they are imposters who join hands with greedy institutions. Then they send fake counsellors to students or guardians and show them the fake infrastructure and ask them to pay more fees. It is advised never to proceed to fee payment unless you have a very credible counsellor to guide you or have seen the infrastructure through your own eyes.

3. Rigid system of rules

The admission process is strict, there is no relaxation provided on any grounds, be it the deadlines only. Candidates must fill all the eligibility criteria. And there is no seat relaxation based on categories. Such strict rules are present in government institutions in India also. Student often don’t get admissions in such institutions and their merit goes in drain.

4. Restrictions on fun activities

There is no nightlife and no late-night parties are allowed. So be ready to say no to play, party or chill. There are no pubs, disco, bar, casinos. You will get very few holidays. You might get surrounded with boredom. The students life is restricted to hostels and classrooms which may seem as disadvantageous for many youngsters.

5. Unnecessary tantrums

It’s important for you to speak fluent Bengali to interact with outdoor patients at the end of 2.5 years. Pure vegetarian food may not be available for you in hostel mess. The hostel rooms are not equipped with air conditioners.


With institutions opening in every nook and corner, it becomes mandatory for all people to not fall in traps of some greedy and not-so credible institutions. Proper guidance from well experienced counsellors should be taken. One of the Best Abroad MBBS Education Consultant is Pulse education, consult them for more information on this domain. There are many Indians who choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh, probably you can too consult your peers and take such decision.