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There are various factors that can affect your immune system. In general, to restore your immune system, exercise, healthy diet, adequate sleep, and relief from stress are extremely important. Although there is no particular remedy for boosting immunity, there are several supplements that can help to support the immune responses and prevent your body from acquiring diseases very easily. 

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Best Supplements For A Healthy Immune System

Vitamin C

Product: Doctor’s Best Vitamin C With Q-C

Many studies have proved how beneficial Vitamin C is for supporting the immune system. It protects our body and lowers the severe effects as well as the duration of colds. It is one of the most prioritized anti-oxidants. It is considered to fight and prevent the body from infections caused majorly by viruses and bacteria. It is commonly used in every family and is quite a popular immunity booster. The Doctor’s Best supplement has been selected as the best product this year. Due to bioavailability, the favored source of supplemental Vitamin C is known to be 1000mg of ascorbic acid, which is provided by this supplement. 

Vitamin D

Product: Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3-25mcg

Anecdotally, to boost immunity and mood, sunshine is always considered a great source. Vitamin D is also one of the best supplements that can be produced by the body itself by exposing our skin to sunshine. It acts as a great immunity support system. Many studies have reported that the presence of Vitamin D3 in the body can prove to be effective against diseases such as flu. The soft gel product of Nordic Naturals is one of the best quality vitamin supplements that are available in the market. 125% of the recommended daily value of 1000 IU is provided by this Vitamin D3 product. 

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Product: Throne Research Zinc Picolinate 15mg

Zinc is also regarded as one of the many immunity boosters that can help us to remain healthy. It keeps us away from all kinds of diseases and even helps in the formation of new immunity cells. Its qualities are quite similar to that of Vitamin C. Hence, even zinc reduces the time frame and intensity of the common cold. This zinc product Thorne is one of the most well-regarded brands. It is a high-end product that is known for its efficacy, safety, and quality. Fifteen gms of zinc picolinate, which is a very absorbable form of zinc, is contained in these capsules. These capsules are safe to be consumed by every family member since there is no presence of GMOs, Gluten, and other preservatives. 


Product: Gaia Herbs Echinacea Supreme

Consuming echinacea is one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system. Even when you are absolutely fine and doing well, taking echinacea prevents your body from suffering from any kind of disease such as the common cold. While there is a need for more study reports regarding the benefits of echinacea, it has definitely been proven to help us have strong immunity. This Echinacea Supreme liquid product manufactured by Gaia Herbs is a top-quality product and is even USDA-certified. The echinacea is generally a blend of two types which are Angustifolia and Purpurea components used to deliver a supplement with huge potent. 


Product: Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup

From ancient times of history, elderberry has been one of the most popular supplements for curing people suffering from the symptoms of flu and cold.  The scientific name of this component is Sambucus nigra. As proved by studies, it is suggested that you should equip yourself with elderberry during the season of flu. Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry is a plant-based syrup that is also a USDA-certified organic product. It is absolutely safe for consumption for everyone. It is great for your health since it contains 147 mg of acerola extract as well as 14.5 gms of fresh elderberries. 


Product: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Adult Extra Care Probiotic

Probiotics are generally a type of bacteria that helps to strengthen the immunity system. When you consume probiotics, it helps to support your immune response and improves digestion. Probiotics benefit our health in many ways by supporting natural antibodies and boosting immunity cells in our body. In each once-daily capsule of Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotic, thirty billion live cultures and twelve strains of probiotics are contained. These capsules are considered vegetarian since there is no presence of gluten, soy, or dairy. 

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Final Thoughts

Nutrition, sleep, hydration, and stress are some of the major factors of lifestyle that influence our immune system. There are several ways we can upgrade our immune system. A balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and several other factors are essential in keeping us fit. However, sometimes there is a certain requirement for various supplements by our bodies to help build a strong immune system.

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