Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Travel Insurance Online

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A holiday is coming up, and you are looking to get yourself covered with travel insurance. But with so many providers and even more plans, how to choose the best travel cover for you? This confusion is doubled if you have to pick from the online options without speaking to an Travel insurance online expert or a travel consultant. 

With the help of the pointers below, Indian residents will be able to make an informed choice and have a protected vacation anywhere and anytime they go.

1) Cost

Travel insurance is rarely given as much significance, unlike life or health insurance. People often purchase it at the last moment of their travel and are likely to go for the lowest-priced ones. But this is something to be wary of – cheap travel insurance does not necessarily mean efficient travel insurance. India has plenty of providers if you plan to buy domestic travel online. You might want to have a closer look at the coverage of the shortlisted plans before finalising your choice.

2) Recommendations 

As with any service, it’s good to ask your friends and family circle to identify a few recommended names for travel insurance online in India. When you plan to purchase the policy online, you should go for reputed names such as Bajaj Finserv or other similar reliable providers with good customer feedback. This will significantly reduce any risks that could occur. 

3) Coverage Details and Claim Limit

When you want to compare insurance plans, make sure you do an apple to apple comparison of the coverage details and the actual claim limits offered by providers. In the case of any untoward scenario during your holiday, it makes sense to know if your insurance plan covers things like, say, cashless hospitalisation or requires you to make payments upfront and claim reimbursements upon return to the country. 

4) Baggage and Personal Belongings

In your search for good travel insurance, online Indian travellers must check the baggage policies the insurer claims to offer. If you purchase travel insurance without studying their baggage policy, you could be in for a surprise. In the event of lost baggage or considerable delays in receiving your luggage, only specific policies cover this loss; others don’t. 

5) Duration

Most travel insurance policies offer coverage for a minimum of 7 days. The length of your holiday will determine how many days of coverage you would require. Ideally, it makes sense to include the travel days, i.e. day of departure from India and day of arrival into the country, to ensure you are covered completely. 

6) Destinations covered

This is a crucial point to consider while purchasing travel insurance online Indian holiday-goers should bear in mind. Not all policies cover all destinations alike. More often than not, every provider offers separate plans for different world regions. Before picking travel insurance, you might want to identify which area your destination country falls in.

7) Pre-existing conditions

This is another point that is often overlooked. But just like with life or health insurance, for travel insurance too, it’s essential to inform the insurer if you have any pre-existing health conditions. If this is not reported in advance, in the off chance that you need to make claims for hospitalisation abroad, you can be denied any settlement upon your return.  

8) Preferred Features

While planning to purchase travel insurance, online India holidayers can do a brief study and identify which policy features they require and which features can be foregone. For example, only some travel policies cover home burglaries in the absence of the resident. If this is a crucial feature for you, find an online travel insurance policy that offers this. If this is not so important, you may find cheaper options. Another feature could be a credit card protection plan – some people may think it’s essential to safeguard their credit card from fraudulent use during travel, some may not even own a credit card.

9) Theft

While purchasing travel insurance, it is advised to ask about the theft policy. Having your wallet stolen or losing a handbag are quite scenarios during international travel. If this is an important feature, make sure the short-listing procedure has this included. If not, you may need to choose a higher plan.

10) Missed flight

Travel or commute in a foreign land can be unpredictable. When choosing customised holidays, you may not know how far the airport is from the hotel or how much time it takes to get there despite traffic or any other holiday. Some travel insurance policies cover this feature even in their most basic plans. 

While purchasing travel insurance online, Indian holidays should evaluate the various available options while buying travel insurance online according to the above features. That will help them make an informed choice and ensure they are better prepared for any eventuality during their vacation. This will also significantly reduce any risks while choosing their insurance policy. Stay informed and choose travel insurance online wisely.