Things to Keep in mind Before Choosing a Meditation Pillow

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If you are afraid as to how to do meditation, then there is another fear that may haunt you as to how to choose the best meditation cushion or a pillow for a comfortable position, while doing meditation. But do not worry, here in this article, you can find some of the most important things that you must keep in mind before actually buying a cushion that is worth of your hard earned money. 

But before you proceed to read this, here are some of the most common things that you must look out for when choosing a pillow. For example, it must provide firm support to your body while meditating. Since you do not do the meditation in just one pose, the pillow must suit your sitting position and be flexible accordingly. Apart from the use based functions, it should also be looking beautiful and ascetic that will fit to your room ambiance. So these must be kept in your mind, before choosing the pillow as these are common for any type of pillow. Now, you can read the following in order to understand how to choose a meditation pillow based on your preferences. 

Fix on correct position 

This is the most important aspect of not only choosing the pillow but also meditation and adapting your body based on this position. Fixing the suitable position helps your body to understand the various movements and techniques that your body undergoes while meditating. And the purpose of the meditation pillow will act as the multiplier effect in the process. Now you can take a demo with any of the material like a bedsheet and try doing various positions on that so as to know which position suits you. But it must be noted that you must not restrict yourself to know one position as it will bring monotony. So try exploring various positions and make yourself comfortable while doing so. 

How to choose a pillow for effective meditation? 

This depends on which type of position you are comfortable with. If you can sit comfortably in a Lotus position then you effectively have flexibility in your hips and knees. In this type of situation, you can probably choose a low height pillow just to adjust your upper body. 

And if you are a person not attached with a cross legged position, then you may probably need a bit higher one as a pillow so as to ease your thighs and legs. This will also keep you alert and conscious while doing meditation without undergoing any distractions. 

But there are people who do not have the taste for sitting in a cross legged position at all. If you are such a person, the try on a meditation bench for a Japanese sitting pose is a diamond pose. In this, you must sit on a small bench while forwarding your knees by making your feet stay in a backward position. In this position, you can actually have a comfortable space to put your feet without making them sleepy or pinched. In this the bench provides an immense support similar to a cushion in cross legged pose and helps you to meditate for a longer period of time. 

Now there is another possible way to venture out into choosing a pillow for meditation based on your height. If you are a shorter person, you probably need a higher sitting position and vice-versa for a taller person. The pillow of higher level will make you ease your thighs and stretch your legs to a more comfortable position. An advantage for buying a higher level cushion is that you can try with the original one first. And if you feel discomfort, you can take some filling out of the pillow that suits your body. 

Now based on your preferences like the round shape or a crescent shaped pillow can be chosen. The round shaped pillows are relatively at the higher level than that of a crescent shaped pillow. Because in the latter one, the fillings are removed to give its shape. For a person with smaller height can choose a round shaped pillow so as to have better results and outcomes. An advantage with respect to a crescent shaped pillow is that it gives more flexibility and comfort for your thighs and relaxes your posture. However, the ultimate goal of you must be to ease your stress and make your joints formidable, so choose your pillow wisely based on your own personal choice and keep practicing meditation for a longer time.