5 Things to be Consider While Creating Your Research Proposal

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Things to be Consider While Creating Your Research Proposal

The research paper is a requirement that has to be fulfilled by each student to pass out the course. Therefore, guidance for such a crucial piece of paper is imperative and for the same reason, our professors and seniors often assist us about the dos and don’ts of writing a research report.

Whenever we receive orientation for composing a report, we are asked to consider some of the chief factors that must be included in the paper since it would help the writer to compile all the findings in black and white. Some of the important features of a report are; (Stanford, n.d.)

  • Accurate and clear abstract that would briefly define the nature of the study
  • The reader-friendly structure that can be easily comprehended
  • Precise and clear research design
  • Correct grammar and punctuation
  • Correct usage of terminology

These are the areas that make a report, marks gaining and worth publishing marking the writer as a professional researcher and knowledgeable author. 

What should be included in a research paper?

Often researchers start their writing without any formal training to write a report. They start writing and learn the tactics as they go. as much as it is a good technique, it is risky to start the report writing without having the ideas clear in your mind. 

That is why there are dissertation proposal writing services available that guide the writers on every stage of report writing and provide valuable assistance whenever it is needed.  

There are a few aspects that should be taken into account for composing a formal research report. Following are the five most vital things that should be considered while creating a research proposal. (Redwood, n.d.)


Every research brings with it a few expenses that the researcher must be aware of beforehand and must calculate prior to commencing the research.

It is very common for the researchers to neglect the budget and stuck in between leaving the research paper incomplete. The lack of not paying enough attention to planning the budget does not only take all the effort and time in vain but also affects the learning areas of the researcher greatly. 

To circumvent the consequences of a low budget, it is always advised to find a funder who acknowledges the research topic and provides the needed financial support to the researcher throughout the project. Not only during the research but also helps in publishing it. 

Add Factual Information

The writer must understand the fact that when they would publish the report it would not only be accessible to the layman but to the experts as well and professionals of any particular field are well-aware of the facts. 

Therefore, the writer must be keen on adding the relevant and authentic information else the report could be deemed ineligible, penalizing the writer under the accuse of spreading wrong information to the public. In some cases, the research is sanctioned not to publish anymore. 

Thus, the information added in the research report should be extracted from valuable resources and must be cited to make the reader familiar with the resource.

Know your audience’s demographic 

Another vital area of the research is learning about the preferences, behaviors, ideas, and choices of the readers, i.e., the ones whom the research is written in the first place. 

The writer must know what the reader wants to know and should include those particular details in the paper. Inability to convey what the readers want to know can affect the recognition of the writer. (McGill, n.d.)

Literature Review 

A research proposal does not necessarily include a detailed literature review of two to three pages. However, it should provide a comprehensive summary of key points and headliners of the subject in question and must be relevant to the field. 

Adding a literature review provides the reader with vigorous background information, helping them understand the significance of the study and how this research would be an appreciated addition to the existing research on similar topics. (Proofed, 2016)

A good literature review for a research proposal must include the following; (Concordia, n.d.)

  • Overview of the topic under attention.
  • Clear and explicit addressing of resources used for the research
  • Arguments in favor and support of the subject in consideration
  • Similarities with the resources that are in favor and difference among those in opposition

Aims and Objectives

Writing down aims and objectives at the start of the research paper allows the reader to get the gist of the paper and they can expect what else the rest of the paper might include. 

This also helps in gaining the reader’s trust in the author and the paper since they would be aware of what the writer wants the outcome to be from this particular paper. 

The aims and objectives of the research paper must include the following;

  • The wide expected outcome of the study explicitly defining what the writer convicts the research will achieve 
  • More focused and narrowed research objectives, with fine detailing about how the research paper will meet the general study aims.

These are a few steps that must be followed while writing, however, there are a few that comes after the writing part is done. Among them, the most important one is proofreading and review.

It is always beneficial to invest in reviewing ten research papers so that the accidental blunders can be averted. Dissertation help Scotland based is one of the best resources available to take advantage of. Other than that, the internet has multiple resources that the writer can choose from.


Writing a research paper can be challenging for first-timers and therefore, they should thoroughly follow the points mentioned above. All the aforesaid tips are very important to be considered whenever writing a paper, these factors are proven by the professionals to be effective for attractive writing and drive a positive result for the writers. 

Thus, the points should be studied deeply by anyone be it a native English speaker or non-natives wanting to obtain a well-composed research paper with a minimum number of drafts written and maximizing the possibility of getting the paper published in one go.  


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