Dlink WiFi Extender Dropping Connection! How Can I Fix This?

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Have you chosen Dlink WiFi Extender to maximize the WiFi range of the router? So this is absolutely the right decision. Because the range extender of this brand is very good and works for a long time. Along with this, its WiFi speed is four times better in comparison to the brand. In addition, the Dlink WiFi extender boosts the Wi-Fi signals of your existing network. It provides extended network coverage in your whole home.

The mesh network technology also brings in this extender. This technology is usually more helpful to offer seamless roaming in each & every nook of your home. The MU-MIMO technology also brings in this range extender. Through this technology, numerous networking devices comfortably communicate with the network connectivity of the D’Link range extender. 

As well, the Dlink WiFi Extender has a LAN port that is ordinarily more helpful for wired connection. So, gaming consoles, smart TV, & other wired devices efficiently get the internet connection with this range extender. From dlinkrouter.local, you can readily login to the range extender. Afterward, you will be capable of configuring various settings of the range extender. After that, the Wi-Fi network was stable & snappy. 

If you are using Dlink WiFi Extender to maximize the range of WiFi Router. But you are facing problems like dropping connections with the range extender. So in this situation, you are not able to maximize the network of the router. If you want to know the solution to this problem, then before this we would advise you that you should also know some of the reasons. Because sans comprehending the reason the problem is not solved. Let’s start with the reasons for the dropping connection problem.

  • In the cable connection, maybe the cable is broken or loose
  • Unfinished D’Link WiFi extender setup
  • The firmware version of the D’Link extender is out-of-date or antiquated 
  • Place the D’Link extender incorrect location 
  • Not properly push the WPS button 
  • Mention wrong username & Wi-Fi password
  • Due to overheating of extender 
  • Due to mention, the wrong IP address is the main cause to the problem
  • LED light status of the range extender is orange or red

Some steps are given below. In those steps, you will get solutions to solve Dlink WiFi Extender problem. Let us start with the Solutions.

Examine the existing main router setting 

To fix the dropping internet connection issue, you need to probe the setting of your existing main router. To check the setting, initially, you have to log in. Through the default IP address or local web address, you can efficiently get the login page. Afterward, mention the correct password & username, log in to the account.

On the setup wizard of the router, you need to check the setting. In the setting, you need to check if you are connecting to a 5GHz network then try to enable the 2.4GHz network. Also, probe the router’s channel setting. If the wrong setting is configured, then you need to enable the auto section. After configuring all the settings of the router, click the Save button. 

You can efficiently troubleshoot the dropping internet connection error by restarting the main router as well as the D’link extender. To restart the D’Link extender, firstly, you head over your Dlink WiFi Extender. Then, you need to probe the power button. Afterward, you have to hold this button for a few moments. Afterward, the LED light status is off. Now, you need to uncouple the range extender from the power supply. Now, you need to leave the extender in the well-ventilated area. In the same way, you have to restart the router.

By configuring the D’link range extender setting, you can fix the dropping internet connection problem. To configure the D’Link extender setting, you have to open the web browser. Then, fill up the dlinkap.local in the search bar. Afterward, the login page opens & mentions the login details, log in. You can easily configure the settings of Dlink Extender from the setup wizard. In addition, if i forgot my d-link admin password, then you can also recover on the setup wizard. 

To factory reset the D’link extender, the problem of dropping the internet connection was also fixed. To reset the extender, hold the reset button with a small object. Afterward, the range extender will be restarted. Read more.