Equipments and Tools used by Dentists

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Most people do not go for a regular dental checkup due to the fear of the tools used by dentists. It is said that dental tools cause anxiety and phobia in some people. 

Therefore, one way to get rid of this fear is to have a piece of complete knowledge about all the dental tools used by dentist idaho falls id.

Tools Used By Dentists

Though the names of these dental tools aren’t that friendly, yes once you get familiar with them they will turn out to be less scary.

Mouth Mirror 

The easiest to go through the dental tool is the Mouth mirror as no one is scared of it. This tool helps the dentist to have a closer look at the deep corners of your mouth and get a better perceptive about the Oral cavity. It also helps you to see the tongue and the mouth tissues better.

Sickle Probe

It is another tool used to detect the cavities in someone’s mouth. It is a metal stick that is available in different shapes and sizes with a hook attached to it. The probe is used to check the hardness of the teeth and then scrape tartar and plaque that develops between the teeth.


Scaler is used to detect and is also equally helpful in Oral issues like periodontal disease, plague, and other buildups that can only be removed by scraping the teeth.

If you want to go for deeper cleaning of your mouth then Scaler is the ideal tool for you. Nowadays, ultrasonic Scalers are also available that help you remove the strong buildup that cannot be removed by a normal Scaler.

If such Oral issues are not tackled well in time then they may lead to tooth decay.

Suction Device 

Dentists use two different kinds of suction devices.

  1. Low-level suction device.
  2. High-level suction device.

The Low-level suction device is used as a saliva ejector. It consists of a J-shaped tube that hangs over the lower teeth to remove saliva and water from corners that cannot be reached easily. The high-level suction device is used to remove tartar and old fillings from your teeth.

Dental Drill

The scariest tool for most people with dental tool anxiety issues. It is a tool used to remove tooth decay before providing a filling to the person having cavities. The drill cuts into your teeth and while it does so it is also capable of spraying water onto your teeth. The water is also useful to avoid any damage to the tooth, as a hot drill can easily damage your teeth. Local anesthesia can be used to avoid pain.


When dentists wish to put a crown onto your teeth, then to execute such procedures you require to take the impression of your patient’s teeth and at that time the molds are used to execute the process. These molds are filled with a liquid that hardens up to get the perfect shape of your teeth. The mold can be bitter or flavored.

Hope the information turns out to be useful for you and your dental tool’s fear reduces.