The Five Dog Personality Types and Who They Go Best With

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Everybody has at least one dog that they adore, but not everyone knows their pup as well as they’d like to think they do. Sometimes it’s the owner who wants to know more about their pet, while other times it’s the dog who wants a better match with his or her owner’s personality type. In any case, matching your dog to his or her personality type can increase the chance of you both getting along famously and having more fun together than ever before!

This article will go over the five different types of dog personalities and how to match them with the right owners.

Introverted Dog Personality Types

Do you want a mellow companion to hang out with on lazy afternoons? Then an introverted dog is your best bet. These dogs are typically calm, laid-back, less energetic, and great for people who love to cuddle up with their pup while watching a movie. Think: French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Bull Terriers. Dogs that like one-on-one bonding time are also best suited for introverts. In fact, these pups will thrive when given individual attention and are generally not good with large groups of other dogs or kids. Introverted dogs tend to like all humans equally so they’re okay being left alone at home while you go off to work if they know they’ll get quality time later in the day.

Outgoing dogs

A dog is outgoing if he likes to explore, and enjoys being around people. The best owner for an outgoing dog is one who isn’t afraid to try new things, or spend a good deal of time outside. If you’re active yourself, it’s likely that your puppy will thrive living with you. This personality also tends to get along well with other dogs; they like exploring, but don’t want to leave their friends behind! Playmates are very important for these pups! A great match would be an outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking or backpacking, loves being active and wants a companion on adventures – but can give up some of their alone time too!

Smart Dogs

From Shih Tzus to Poodles, there’s a smart dog for every family. Smart dogs are curious, obedient, and lovable. The perfect match is a busy parent with a high energy level who enjoys spending lots of time outside (not necessarily with their dog). The following dogs are known for being especially intelligent: Labrador Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle, Shih Tzu. It’s also important to consider your individual lifestyle when it comes to smart dogs; as much as they love attention from their owner, don’t underestimate how important one-on-one playtime can be to your four-legged friend! They need plenty of time alone—both mentally and physically—to keep them sharp while teaching them tricks along the way.

Mischievous Dogs

Great for those with a sense of humor, a fun-loving spirit, or a playful side! This dog’s playful nature can put his owner in some pretty embarrassing situations. The owner of a mischievous dog should be prepared to have fun at all times because they won’t know what kind of mischief their pup will be getting into next. For that reason, it is important that an owner of a mischievous dog be able to keep up with them at all times. However, owners should not be afraid of trying new things because even though their dog might ruin some things on accident, he will learn from his mistakes and make sure to never do that again.

Leader of the Pack

This dog will lead you on hikes, to social gatherings, or anywhere else that it wants to go. If your busy schedule means you’re not able to commit much time to regular exercise, an active dog is a good choice for you. But if your homebody tendencies make it difficult for you to leave work behind when you head home from work, a more laidback type of canine may be more appropriate. Either way, dogs with high energy levels who get along well with strangers tend to do better with those who are assertive and outgoing than those who are reserved or shy.