High Volume Keywords – How to Gain SEO Score & How to Rank # 1?

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Google will increase your website SEO score when your site is optimised. Also, if your content is valuable, you can score high compared to your competitor. Google analyse your content and see if it has high quality or not. Suppose it seems like high-quality content, then Google index it. Thus it appears in search results. But if you fail in securing high quality, Google would not index it. And without Google’s index, you cannot rank at the top.

Gain SEO – How to Use Services?

To secure a high ranking, you need to invest time and effort. If you do not have much time, you can use writing services. The best essay writing service in UK has many experts in every field. There you can find SEO experts too. From these SEO experts, you can get assistance for your content. Even you can see many services which provide a free consultation. Like, you can take the example of GoDaddy SEO Service. If you are interested in just consultation, you can take it in free. But if you want them to work for you, you have to pay for it.

2 Basic Uses of Keywords in Content

To gain an SEO score and rank it on top, you need to be conscious of keywords. The number of keywords and their location both have a particular role. Let’s discuss each aspect in detail.

1. Limit of Keywords

It would help if you used keywords up to a particular limit. From that approximate limit, you should not exceed. Same as do not use very few keywords. In simple words, do not stuff your content with so much use of keywords. Use keyword where its use seems to be best. Overuse of keywords decreases the value of your content. In the same context, if you do not use any keyword, it also seems useless content to Google. So, if you want a high  SEO score, make sure right use keywords.

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2. Location of Keyword

The use of keywords in different places makes your content valuable. Suppose you are using keywords within the text. If still, you cannot get a high SEO score, it is not enough. You have to reconsider your content. Irrespective of body text, there are many other options where keywords can make it effective. Like,

  • Title of the content
  • Use of keywords in tags
  • Use of keyword in URL


Doing so makes it easy to highlight your content as an effective one. Title, tag, and URL are the main parts of any content. If you are using keywords, but unfortunately, it does not fit right, how badly can they affect your work? So, when you feel confused about finalising keywords, take a break.

Last Words

Reread your title and make sure if it is fine or not. Or you can ask for some expert. Best essay writing services in the UK have writing professionals; they can guide you well.

  • Search engine optimization is a set of user experience optimization strategies aimed at improving a site’s position in search engines.
  • It includes programming, design, content creation and linking to other websites so that search engines perceive the site as being most relevant to what the user is looking for.

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