How To Build A Concrete Contractors in Melbourne?

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If you’re planning to build your concrete driveway, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind along the way. Concrete is an ideal material for construction purposes and constructing a concrete driveway needs skill and expertise. Driveway construction cannot be done without professional help because it requires planning, budget fixing, and the right Concrete Contractors in Melbourne. To meet these requirements accurately, you should have a look at the guide to building a concrete driveway.

You can opt for concrete driveways curated by concrete contractors in Melbourne because it is an affordable option and doesn’t cost more than $4 to $7 per square foot. Decide on whether you want to build a one-car driveway (at least 2.5 meters) or a two-car driveway(5 meters) to understand the cost. By hiring professionals like concrete contractors in Melbourne, you can finalise all these aspects. Once you’re done with all these, now comes the time for building a concrete driveway. To help you with your question about – how to build a concrete driveway, here’s a checklist that will help you know about it.

 Guide To Build Concrete Driveway

1. Get Started With Foundation

When planning to build a concrete driveway, first check with your municipality to see if any regulations exist. While some cities might have strict codes on keeping driveways clear of vegetation and other obstructions, others have no rules. Your concrete contractors will start by mapping out where you would like your driveway to go. Suppose you’re building in an area without any fixed restrictions. In that case, it’s a good idea to contact city officials for suggestions and advice, especially if you are facing trouble deciding where to put it.

2. Laying Concrete For A Flat Driveway

Concrete is a cheap material for building a driveway, and it’s easy to use. Straight concrete sections on your driveway base are laid out and compacted with an aerated roller. But if you want that pristine, flat finish, you might pay more than $2 per square foot of the driveway. Instead, save money by laying down concrete (it will look better and last longer, but it can also be cheaper).

3. Preparing Curved Ways

Ask your concrete contractor in Melbourne to follow all local building codes when preparing forms for curved driveways. If you plan to use self-levelling concrete, make sure the framework can support that and is ideally in level. If these requirements aren’t fulfilled, you can have a sunken driveway! Even if it seems okay at first sight, it will quickly collapse due to uneven settling.

4. Extending Sidewalks

Not all concrete driveways start at one point and run to another. If you already have a concrete driveway, there’s no need to build it from scratch. Your concrete contractors in Melbourne will extend your existing driveway by paving over any existing steps that lead up to your house. It will give you more surface space and allow you to get rid of any unsafe, cracked steps.

5. Trowel the Concrete Construction

After the sheen of water disappears from the layer of concrete, your contractor, who excels at the service of Spray Seal in Melbourne, will use a magnesium hand float to smoothen out the area. It needs to be done before the layer of concrete becomes stiff. The magnesium float tool is held flat on the surface to leave the coating smooth, and the worker kneels on boards to reach the centre of a vast slab, then finish over the board marks.

6. Let the Concrete Dry

The drying process for concrete is different from the drying process for spray seals in Melbourne. One of the best ways to dry concrete is to keep it moist for some days and let it dry partially. The other way to dry up your constructed driveway is by using plastic sheets. Covering the concrete layer with a plastic sheet will not let the moisture evaporate, discarding the need to keep it moist. After the driveway is ready, do not walk on it for at least 3-4 days, and then avoid driving on it for 10 days.

How Can We Help?

Now that you know the process of building a concrete driveway, you should opt for a professional team to get it done perfectly. We can help and assist you in this; Road Seal Civil is the leading concrete contractor in Melbourne. We deliver top-notch concrete driveway construction solutions with a certified team of experts. We are just a call away from constructing the finest concrete driveway for you.

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