How to Design Your Own Diet Plan as an Overweight Grappler?

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How to Design Your Own Diet Plan as an Overweight Grappler?

Starting your Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey can be a roller-coaster especially if you are an overweight grappler. Most people do not address this because they have only seen grapplers who are well-toned and have a good BMI.

One of the basic reasons behind this is that people who start their BJJ journey usually end up shedding their weight within just the first three months. However, within this time they also experience extreme hunger and end up eating more calories.

It is very important to understand that BJJ is not just combating style it is a lifestyle that helps you live your life to the fullest. Most people start their training with an intense workout routine without realizing that their bodies will not be able to cope with this drastic change.

This is where you need to plan everything first. Relying on an artificial metabolism booster or thinking about starving yourself just because you want to lose weight might not be a good opinion. You need to design a well-balanced diet that can help you keep your body fully energized throughout the workout.

With the help of this article, we will address all the basics that you need to know about food. We will further talk about the diet plan that you can use and are a few of the main things that you need to keep in mind while designing your diet plan.

The Concept of Balanced Diet in BJJ

The concept of a balanced diet is very old. Everything that we eat can be divided into seven main categories and each category helps in improving body function. Our food mainly consists of carbs, protein, fats, water, fiber, minerals, and vitamin.

Some of these items are needed by the body in trace and do not have a calorie value whereas others have a high-calorie value. As someone who is overweight, you need to select food that will help in keeping your GI tract healthy without impacting your calorie intake.

Your diet must consist of all the basic food components but it must be high in protein as compared to fat and carbs. Another very important thing is the intake of fiber that will help in keeping your gut healthy.

How to Fuel Your Body for Better Workout and Lose Weight

One of the major issues that most grapplers face is that they find it hard to stay energized while losing weight. You need to keep one thing in mind, all the essential nutrients within your food will become very important when you start training, missing just a single nutrient will cause a hindrance to your body function.

Most people focus on protein because it helps in healing and offers strength without making your feel lethargic. However, if you miss fiber or other essential nutrients, your GI tract will not function properly and you will start to feel the impact.

While designing your meal plan, you have to distribute every food nutrient that your body needs and then adjust its portion. The goal is to increase the protein through plant and animal sources while reducing the carb.

However, eliminating carbs is not recommended. Apart from this, reduce the overall food portion and try to increase the frequency of the meals. According to Harvard health, your body has a high, metabolism for the 30 minutes after each meal.

By increasing the frequency you will be able to increase the time of high metabolism and you will lose a lot of calories. Apart from this, your food will be high in nutrients and minerals because you will be sweating a lot. Try to help your body so you can continue to work out according to the requirement of your training.

Professional advise matters

This article mainly addresses some of the basic myths and it is not a substitute for the professional meal plan. For a professional grappler, it is better to contact professional nutrition for a good and well-balanced diet plan. With the help of this article, you will be able to know why your nutritionist has added the food products and why you need them as a grappler for a better workout.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, when you start your BJJ practice you do not have to cut the calorie count instead your goal should be healthy eating. Try to balance your intake with your exertion. As long as you can help your body stay energized throughout the workout, you will see that your metabolism will adapt according to your routine.

People who eat a high protein diet and skip carbs totally or rely on artificial metabolism boosters need to find natural ways to help their bodies. Starving yourself will eventually impact your body as well as your motivation and your performance on the mat.

For better recovery, your body needs to have everything that can help with the body’s functions. Relying on small portions or cutting calories will take a toll on your body and you will not be able to perform better. A good well-balanced diet is the only solution that will help you with your performance improvement.