How to Select Best Residential Tilers Melbourne

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Choosing the suitable Residential Tiles in Melbourne for different areas of the house can be tricky.

Whether or not you pay attention to the details of their size, material, design, and colour makes the real difference. Selecting the non-porous tiles for the bathroom might seem appealing on the appearance front but will lack on the utility part.
Similarly, choosing small tiles for the living room can spoil the entire look of the place, for larger tiles give away the impression that the surroundings are more extensive and spacious.
Tiles have certain advantages over the other flooring alternatives. Therefore, it is crucial you give due consideration to the size, material, and colour before making the final choice of tiles for different areas of your house.
If you happen to reside in Melbourne and are looking for stunning Residential Tiles in Melbourne, It’s no surprise that you find yourself in a clueless spot.

Residential Tiles in Melbourne
Residential Tiles in Melbourne

To assist you with this, here’s a quick guide on choosing the right tiles for your house. Read it till the end to know what points you must keep in mind before choosing a tile that would add to the aesthetics while giving the promise of strength and durability. 


To choose a tile for your living room, you first must inspect the size of the tile. Generally, big tiles give a premium look and enchant the viewers with their fine finish. Here you get the window of choosing the desired tile material and should consider picking a  slip-resistant tile that provides sufficient comfort to walk upon.
Matching your desired preference, you are free to choose from a wide variety of tiles in terms of the colour and design of your choice. You must choose a colour that aligns with the rest of the interior and gives a superior outlook and utility at once.


Whenever choosing the tiles for the bathroom, double-check the tile’s porosity. Without checking on this feature, picking any tile based on its design and colour would be futile, for it’ll fail to serve the primary purpose of resisting water. 
Generally, ceramic tiles work best for the walls of the bathroom. Due to their glossy appearance and easy-to-clean property, they are best suited for the bathroom to complement your design and utility needs. Also, you must scan the tiles for the anti-skid property, without which you cannot ensure a slip-free visit whenever you step into your bathroom space.


A kitchen is a place where we require a perfect blend of style and utility. And while choosing the tiles for your kitchen, you must choose the tiles that feature anti-stain quality. 
A kitchen is a place that is prone to having difficult stains and going just by the colour and design; you are overlooking an important consideration that must form the basis of choosing your kitchen tiles. Mainly if you reside in Melbourne, the variety of Kitchen Tiles in Melbourne is such that you’ll be mesmerised by the countless styles and designs available in this segment. 
Depending upon the size of your kitchen, you may opt for the bigger or smaller tiles. Also, try to pick relatively darker shades that do not accentuate the stains and scratches present on the surface of your kitchen area.


For corridors, you should always go for dense and darker tiles so that they can effectively conceal the dirt and give away a blemish-free appearance. Picking the tiles that require the least maintenance is how you start choosing the tiles for your corridors. Also, consider that tiles must be scratch and stain-resident so that you don’t have to jump in for quick maintenance or replacement.
You may choose from porcelain to ceramic tiles for your corridors. However, you may also switch to concrete tiles for added strength and durability.


The obvious and effective choice of tiles for the driveway is a tile that promises strength and sturdiness. Porcelain tiles are considered the fair pick in this segment. Also, cement tiles come in the most preferred category when it comes to making the right choice of tiles for your corridors. It offers durability for long term endurance and roughness for a proper grip while providing a wide range of designs and patterns to suit your style preferences.


We hope this post provides you with  the necessary insights on choosing the right tile for every corner of your house. Also, you’ll find a large variety of tiles consisting of Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Mosaic tiles, Natural Stone tiles, Vitrified tiles, and so on.

The ultimate way out is to match the tiles with your style and colour preferences and keep the purpose in mind before choosing the tiles for a specific area of your house. Once you combine the style and utility needs, nothing will stop you from creating the charismatic interiors and exteriors of your home.

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