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Concrete driveways have taken the world of construction by storm. Hardly you will see a building without the finishing touch of a concrete floor. Be it a driveway, house pathway, or a public place. Concrete Driveways in Melbourne are becoming common and common yet differ in their design, visuals, and aesthetic. There are various benefits of installing a concrete driveway such as:

Long-lasting Concrete Driveways in Melbourne:

If you look into the Asphalt driveway, the low cost is the reason why people choose asphalt. But its higher maintenance costs can easily offset the benefits. Its lower upfront cost is the prime reason before selecting them for driveway construction. The elements of the liquid binder that holds the aggregates are prone to distortion, cracking and disintegration, due to its exposure to UV rays, chemicals, oxygen, and water. Concrete on the other hand can cost more than the installation of Concrete Driveways in Melbourne, but it will assure that the driveway will last long.

Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

Easy to maintain:

Many house owners prefer concrete driveways because of their maintenance-free nature. It will help you to keep your driveway sealed and clean. Cleaning is relatively easy too, you can just use a stiff-bristled brush, hose, and pressurized water. Using a concrete sealer will add an extra layer of protection to your driveway surface. You will only need to apply it once a year to give strength to the surface.  This layer will prevent moisture and water absorption. It prevents the surface from de-icing chemicals. If the winter is approaching, you must seal your driveway in the fall. This will make the concrete strong for the road salts and the harsh winters.

Better reaction to light and heat:

The concrete surface absorbs less heat from the sun and thus it stays cool as compared to the asphalt surface. On the other hand, asphalt driveways tend to absorb more heat because of their grey or black colour. This in turn enhances the chances for more artificial lighting on the surface.  Concrete surfaces reflect the heat and hence there is no need to install any artificial lights on them. Asphalt surfaces make the driveway even hotter in the summers. But the concrete surfaces stay cool, providing comfort to the travellers. Concrete contractors in Melbourne does not have to install any artificial lights and hence saving the extra cost of labour.

Improvised load-bearing capabilities:

A concrete driveway is built to withstand heavyweight and they prove to be way better than asphalt surfaces.  You may be constructing a driveway considering that only small vehicles will pass on that. But you never know when there will be an urgent need to pass heavy vehicles over it. Hence it is preferred to have a concrete driveway rather than an asphalt one. If trucks or any heavy loads will pass through an asphalt surface, it can cause flexing. Resulting in the deformed pavement. There are various reasons as to why the asphalt pavements can’t withstand the loads. It is mainly because of the lack of compression, insufficient pavement thickness, and weak asphalt mixtures. Concrete driveways are preferred more than asphalt driveways in Melbourne.

No messy surfaces:

Once the asphalt driveways are installed they tend to secrete evaporative oils.  These oils can damage your shoes by penetrating the sole. If the driveway is created outside your house or office, these oils can get in your house or office through the shoes. This can be hectic to clean every time you step out of your house or if any guests are stopping by your house. This hectic business can be even tedious in the summer seasons, where the hot asphalt will be greasy and it can easily cling to your shoes or sandals. But the concrete surface is not subjected to such oils or sticky materials, making it the perfect choice for the pavement.

Environmental friendly:

Concretes are more environmentally friendly since less energy is required for paving and installing the surface. The total energy cost of installing the concrete surface is lower as compared to the asphalt.  Asphalt surfaces require a great deal of heat during the installation process.  The seal coating on the Asphalt surfaces consumes more petroleum products that lead to the depletion of Earth’s natural resources.

These advantages of concrete driveways state that one should always choose concrete over asphalt. It is the most beneficial investment, where you can enjoy a managed well-driveway for years to come. They require very few resources and maintenance, hence they are ideal for any indoor or outdoor pavements. You must hire professional concrete contractors in Melbourne. People always choose to hire an expert to install the concrete driveways in Melbourne. Make sure to check the experience, license, bond, and expertise of your project.