Kedarkantha Trek: Complete Trekking Guide

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Kedarkantha Trek is based in Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. Climbing the summit of Kedarkantha has proven to be very rewarding.  This trek is popular among beginners and is also famous for its local villages. This trek is perfect if you admire scenic sites. This trek offers beautiful views of meadows, snow paths, dramatic landscapes with lakes, mountains, rivers, and Himalayan peaks. This trek has an altitude of 3810 meters which is suitable for newbie trekkers. Kedarkantha Trek is highly known for its campsite Juda ka Talab which has an amazing scenic view. This trek is preferred because of its amazing sunset and sunrise view.

Kedarkantha trek route

Kedarkantha trek takes 5 days to go and return from the peak. We have mentioned a detailed route for each day below:

Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri Village Drive

There are local buses in the morning available for people who want to reach Sankri village for trekking. The journey from local buses will take approximately 10hrs to reach Sankri Village. There are accessible taxis that cost around 600rsto 700rs. You can also hire a personal vehicle or a tempo. While traveling to Sankri Village you will come across lush green mountains. After reaching the village you can stay at the guest houses or hotels to rest and prepare for the next day.

Day 2: Trek to Juda ka Talab

This frozen lake is the most famous campsite in Kedarkantha. It is 5kms ahead of the Sankri Village and it takes 4hrs to 5hrs to reach there. Every trekker prefers to camp at Juda Ka Talab because of its mesmerizing view. While trekking to Juda ka Talab you will find a photogenic view of thick and tall trees and mountain slopes. In the morning it is quite sunny and warm but at night time the temperature drops between 0 degrees to -10 degrees celsius.

Day 3: Trek to Kedarkantha Base

The distance between Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base is 5kms which can take up to 3hrs to reach. The trek to Kedarkantha base is filled with a dense forest of oak and pine trees which is followed by steep ridges. You will also come across delightful meadows on your way to the base. Kedarkantha base is filled with fascinating views of the arc-shaped range of breathtaking snow-capped mountains.

Day 4: Trek to Kedarkantha Peak and back to Sankri Village

Trekking to Kedarkantha peak takes 6hrs to 7hrs as it is 7kms away from Kedarkantha Base. The trail to the peak is easier and faster which is why it is preferred by beginners, it only becomes a little difficult at the end. The Kedarkantha peak has a magnificent view which is followed by a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Paravati. You can enjoy and relax at the peak for a few hours and start to head back to the base on the same day. It is claimed by trekkers who have been to Kedarkantha peak that the view from the trails that lead back to Sankri Village is astonishing.

Day 5: Staying at Sankri Village

Some people prefer to take a rest and relax at the guest houses or hotels in Sankri village after a long day of trekking. If you are staying in Sankri Village during the winter season, you can witness a lot of festivals that are celebrated by the locals there. Some people prefer to go directly to Dehradun on the same day by taxis available.

Best time to go to Kedarkantha trek

It is always preferred to go trekking to Kedarkantha trek between the months of December to April. People can spend their Christmas Holidays trekking and since the trek is beginner-friendly, children can spend their summer holidays here. During these months, Kedarkantha has the right amount of snow and snow-capped mountains look perfect. In the spring months, exceptional views can be seen. During these months, many festivals are celebrated by local villagers which can be a refreshing and entertaining experience.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of Kedarkantha Trek is easy to moderate. Anyone between the age of 5 to 65 is allowed to trek here. Difficulty level slightly increases during winter months which is bearable. Only uphill climbing from Kedarkantha Base can be a little challenging.

What to carry?

It is preferred to carry woolen clothes with at least 3 to 5 layers especially if you are trekking here during the winter months. Hiking shoes are necessary as they can prevent you from slipping on ice and can help you climb with ease. It is advised to carry medicines and a first aid kit for safety. You can also carry a flashlight with extra batteries as they can be helpful during the nighttime.

This guide includes all the necessary information about the Kedarkantha trek that will help you enjoy the trek and get the fullest experience of it.