Top 10 Online Meeting Platforms Compared With Zoom

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The popularity of Zoom doesn’t need any mentions. People might not know the meaning of virtual events, but they surely would know what Zoom is. The popularity of Zoom grew so much in the last two years that now there is hardly any professional left who didn’t attend at least one meeting or conference on Zoom ever since the world went into lockdown. But Is Zoom the only name that one can use to host meetings and connect with the outer world? No. Like Zoom, there are several other platforms that one can use to plan and host online meetings and conferences. What are those platforms? Let us find out in this blog. 


Mixhubb is a 3D online meeting and conference platform that allows users to plan and host meetings in a very immersive way. It’s a self-managed online platform that allows users to plan and manage their own meetings, events, conferences, and webinars all by themselves. Therefore, with Mixhubb, there’s no need to depend on someone else for planning and creating your events. Not only this, Mixhubb comes with customization capabilities, allowing the users to design their events according to their needs and requirements. On top of that, Mixhubb is a highly scalable platform that allows users to plan and create events of all types and sizes. In addition, Mixhubb has been created to cater to all kinds of organizations. Hence, no matter how big or small your organization and event requirements are, Mixhubb has got you covered. 


The next name on our list of the best online meeting platforms apart from Zoom is RingCentral Video. RingCentral Video Pro is a free video-conferencing platform that comes with top-notch features that allow the users to deliver exclusive experiences to its attendees. Not only this, it is a completely safe and sound platform. It means that the organizers can use to plan and host meetings without worrying about any online threat.

Even though RingCentral comes with a free plan, it doesn’t mean that this platform ever compromises the quality of the meetings one can host on this platform. On this platform, you can host meetings with up to 100 attendees, and that too for 24 hours. Also, it comes with a recording feature that allows you to record your meetings. Apart from that, it also allows you to save those recordings for 10 hours for a week. The users can also share those videos with their friends and contacts. 

Cisco Webex: 

The next name that we have on our list is Cisco Webex, one of the most comprehensive online meeting platforms. You can use this platform to host meetings with up to 100 attendees for 50 minutes. Its most economical plan allows you to host meetings for 24 hours. Also, with its premium plan, you can host meetings with up to 100,000 attendees, and that too without any restrictions on the number of attendees. Cisco Webex comes with several top-grade features including screen sharing, whiteboard, etc. Also, its paid plans come with features such as recording, storage, dial-in access, etc. 

Microsoft Teams: 

Next on the list, we have another authentic and impressive platform that you can use for online meetings, Microsoft Teams. Since Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office suite, it assures complete authenticity of the online meeting. Not only this, but with this platform, you can integrate with other Microsoft applications and software. This feature helps the users make their meetings more valuable and immersive. Also, Microsoft Teams comes with several features such as live chat, file sharing, etc. 


GoToMeeting is another platform that is widely used to organize online meetings. With its most pocket-friendly plan, one can host meetings with a maximum of 150 attendees without any limit on the timing of the meeting. The next upgrade of the plan allows you to host meetings with up to 250 attendees, and the premium plan allows you to do the same with 3,000 attendees. GoToMeeting is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use platforms that allows users to plan meetings in a very simple and convenient manner. 

Google Meet: 

Google Meet is one of the most popular online meeting and conference platforms that one can access to host simple yet significant meetings. Formerly known as Hangout Meets, Google Meet allows users to host lifelike meetings. Since Google Meet is a part of the Google Suite, the users can integrate with the other Google applications and software easily. Also, it is a multi-device and multi-browser-compatible platform. It allows the attendees to join the meeting from any device of their choice. 


BlueJeans is another web-based platform that has been specially designed for small to mid-sized companies to plan and host online meetings. It is an all-in-one online platform that comes with all the necessary features that one needs to organize successful and immersive online meetings. The feature that makes it a unique platform is its Dolby Voice. It ensures that the users deliver their meetings with extremely high-quality audio. 

Jitsi Meet: 

Talking of the next online platform that is better than Zoom, we have Jitsi Meet on the list. It is one of the easiest to use platforms that comes with a free plan. The best part about this platform is that it does not require the attendees to create an account to join the meeting. It is an absolutely free-to-use platform that lets you host meetings with 50 attendees at max. 

Meet Now: 

Meet Now resembles Zoom in many ways; you can host meetings on this platform in just three clicks. Also, since it comes with integration with Windows 10, it leaves all the doubts when it comes to the authenticity of the platform. It is a completely browser-based solution that doesn’t require the organizers and attendees to download any additional tools. 


Last but definitely not least, we have Brosix as our top 10 platform better than Zoom. It is an advanced platform that comes with a very intuitive and immersive interface. Not only this, it offers several integrations and collaboration tools, helping the users plan and deliver exclusive online experiences. Also, it comes with three different plans, which lets the organizers choose one plan among all those three plans. 

The platforms we have named above are our top picks that you can choose instead of Zoom. You can pick any of the platforms and choose that platform to host virtual meetings.