Ophthalmic Compounding Pharmacy & Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

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In the US, the population exceeds 3 million for people who have glaucoma, according to research. Additionally, glaucoma can steal vision without warning. Generally, sight loss starts with peripheral vision, and a person may not observe the change till significant vision loss occurs. People with glaucoma in Africa, Asia, and America have higher risks of sight loss. Moreover, people with a family history have more risks with glaucoma like diabetes and nearsightedness. Ophthalmologists who treat glaucoma rely on compounded medications of an ophthalmic compounding pharmacy for the treatment. 

Ophthalmic Medications That Compound Pharmacies Usually Have 

Usually, ophthalmic compounding pharmacies have the following ophthalmic compounds for patients’ treatments:

  1. Ophthalmic Combination Dilating Drops: They are pre-operative mydriatics with four active pharmaceutical ingredients, and these drops are available as individual dose packaging.
  1. Dilating Injections: Intraocular compounds that ophthalmic compound pharmacists dispense in unit dose syringes for surgery to improve dilation. 
  1. Antimicrobial Injections: Ophthalmic compound pharmacists have a variety of these available in unit dose syringes for treatments.
  1. Ophthalmic Dyes: Ophthalmic dyes are often a part of diagnostic and therapeutic aids for patients. They are injections that ophthalmic compound pharmacists package in pre-filled unit dose syringes.

Ophthalmologists often have to rely on ophthalmic compound medications to treat glaucoma patients.

Can You Prevent a Vision Loss with Glaucoma?

Diagnosing the disease in the initial stages is key to preventing vision loss. The most usual treatment for this purpose is prescription eye drops which lower eye pressure to prevent damage to the optic nerve. Ophthalmologists may recommend patients get prescription eye drops from an ophthalmic compounding pharmacy. Additionally, there are prevention tips for glaucoma patients to avoid sight loss. Following those tips, people with glaucoma can prevent vision loss.

Tips to Prevent Sight Loss with Glaucoma 

  1. Have Regular Eye Exams: It’s important to get a regular eye exam to find a disease in its initial stages. Plus, know the right time for the treatment if you have glaucoma in its beginning stages. Moreover, you will need to take medications that the doctors prescribe for the diagnosis. Hence, getting regular eye exams is a way to prevent sight loss with glaucoma.
  1. Take Steroid Medicines: You can take steroid medicines to avert vision loss with glaucoma. If you take steroid medicines, make sure telling it to your doctor. Please remember, taking steroids for a long period or in high doses can raise eye pressure.          
  1. Eat Enough Leafy Vegetables and Coloured Fruits: It’s also important that you eat leafy green vegetables, coloured fruits, and berries daily. It will also aid you in preventing vision loss with glaucoma.
  1. Intense Exercises: Intense exercise can increase heart rate, leading to a rise in eye pressure. Still, you should exercise but with care. Brisk walking and regular exercise at a controlled pace reduce eye pressure and improve health. If you lift heavyweight, make sure you have a qualified trainer who can show you how to breathe properly doing exercise. 
  1. Prevent Your Eyes from an Injury: Eye injuries can also lead to glaucoma, so make sure you protect your eyes from injuries. You should wear protective eyewear during sports or when you work in the home or yard. It will help you prevent your eyes from injuries. 
  1. Avoid Head-Down Positions: You should also avoid head-down positions to avoid raising pressing in your eyes. Also, avoid inversion tables or gravity boots, too, to prevent vision loss with glaucoma. 
  1. Wear Polarized Sunglasses: You should wear polarized sunglasses when you spend time outdoors.
  1. Talk to Your Eye Doctor about Medicine: You should also talk to your doctor about blood pressure medicine. Blood pressure dropping low while you sleep can worsen glaucoma damage. 

Moreover, Aurora Compounding is a compounding pharmacy; you may choose to get compound medications if doctors recommend them.  


In America, the population has crossed 3 million for people with glaucoma. Further, people with glaucoma have high risks of sight loss if they don’t treat the disease in its early stages. Ophthalmologists also rely on compound medications of an ophthalmic compounding pharmacy to treat glaucoma. Ophthalmic compound medications that ophthalmic compound pharmacists usually have are as follows:

  1. Ophthalmic Combination Dilating Drops
  1. Dilating Injections
  1. Antimicrobial Injections
  1. Ophthalmic Dyes

Additionally, there are ways you can prevent sight loss with glaucoma in its early stages. Getting regular eye exams, doing intense exercise with care, preventing eye injuries, etc.