Pest Control in Cambridge & Five Urban Dwelling Pests

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You may have a wrong perception about pests, like some people who think pests prefer rural and uninhabited areas. People think this way because rural areas provide pests with enough space to grow their population. However, pests alongside wildlife have thrived in cities, and Cambridge is no different. Crowded areas attract more pests because pests get access to food easily in cities via dumpsters, trash cans, etc. Moreover, pests infest homes in Cambridge in search of shelters to prevent themselves from predators. Pests are a nuisance for homeowners and business owners because of the troubles they can create. Regular pest control in Cambridge is a need for the same reason for the prevention of properties and people’s health. 

Why Do Pests Infest a Home or a Workplace in Cambridge?

Certain factors can increase the risk of a pest infestation in homes and workplaces. Rats and roaches are a common problem in older homes, lower-income housing, and housing units with structural issues. Pests may infest the aforementioned residential spaces because of water leaks, missing roofs, building material, etc. Trash on your area in Cambridge can likely invite cockroaches to infest your space. Urban areas with a good population and old buildings often run into pest problems for the preceding reason. Taking precautions again pests can prevent a pest infestation, yet pests can infest homes for other reasons. 

Additionally, many pests carry diseases, irritate humans and pets with their bites, and trigger health disorder symptoms in humans. Workplaces and homes without proper hygiene and safe construction structures encounter pest problems. However, you can contact professionals, such as Pesticon, to exterminate a pest infestation if pests invade your property. Still, you shouldn’t let pests invade your space to avoid a pest problem while following the necessary precautions against pests.  

5 Common Home Dwelling Pests

Cambridge isn’t safe from pests, and the following five urban-dwelling pests can trouble you repeatedly without effective pest control:

German Cockroaches:

German cockroaches have become masters with time to remain hidden from sight. As nocturnal insects, it’s hard to unearth them on properties unless you notice their signs. These cockroaches feed on decaying food items, like paper, toothpaste, oil splatter, etc. German roaches aren’t picky; dark and moist spaces attract them. Thus, seeing these roaches in bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and in-between walls shouldn’t surprise you. You can spot a German roach infestation while looking for signs, like feces, bad smell, egg capsules, paper damage, etc.


Rats survive in cities, mainly because of human food waste. Rats may eat anything, and we lead them to the food sources through trash cans and dumpsters. What’s worst about rats is that they can transmit a whole range of diseases to humans. Rats are a threat because they carry health risks, and they can cause damage to properties. Signs of a rat infestation embrace droppings, bad smells, scattered nesting materials, and more. It’s important to contact the experts at pest control in Cambridge to exterminate rats from a property. 


Raccoons are wildlife animals/pests who are intelligent, nocturnal, and love trash. They can cause chaos on garbage cans, chew up insulation/wiring, and also spread diseases if they infest a property. Identical to rats and roaches, raccoons will eat almost anything available to them as food waste to survive. You can identify a raccoon infestation with droppings, scratch marks, hearing noises in your yard at night, etc.


Another common pest that you can encounter in Cambridge is flies. Common house flies thrive in the human environment through human food, garbage, and excrements. They breed in garbage/sewers and also spread illnesses alongside diseases. Seeing flies in clusters, seeing maggots, and hearing their noises are signs of a fly infestation. You can avoid flies by sealing up garbage, keeping points of access closed, and practicing good hygiene.


Bedbugs are a nuisance for homeowners and hoteliers, in particular. They can infest even the cleanest of the space through a hitchhike via people’s clothing and luggage. Bedbugs are tiny and arduous to detect. They are irritating pests to deal with because their bites cause itching to humans. Signs of a bedbug infestation include bite marks, rashes, bloodstains on bedsheets, dark spots, etc.


Some people have misconceptions about pests that they thrive in rural and uninhabited spaces. The truth is that pests prefer crowded spaces because of the easy access to food sources. Usually, pests infest homes and business places because of the building structures and lack of care. Pests are a common problem throughout Cambridge; hence, pest control in Cambridge is a need. The five common urban-dwelling pests in Cambridge include the following:

  1. German cockroaches that eat decaying materials for their survival.
  2. Rats that will eat anything that may come in their way.
  3. Raccoons that love opening trash cans to get food.
  4. Flies that consume human food, garbage, and excretion.
  5. Lastly, bedbugs that feed on human blood for their survival.