Pro Tips for the International Pet Relocation

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House shifting to a new country is a big decision to undertake. This decision can become a complicated process if you choose to bring a pet along for the journey. Moving your pets from one part of the country to another is much easier than moving with them internationally. This can be stressful for both the pets and the pet owners. But for the people who do their research and plan accordingly, this process can become a lot easier.

You have to create a plan for both yourself and the pet you own if you want to really try moving to an international location with your pet. Follow the following steps to make sure that both you and your pet can live together in your next home of choice in peace.

Go thoroughly Through the Pet Import Laws in the Place That You are Moving to

Each and every country has its own rules and regulations regarding pet shifting, and it is really crucial that you learn about these in advance before you make your move to the new country of your choice. Some countries have stricter rules in place compared to other countries, so keep in mind that your pet might not even be allowed to the country you have decided to move in.

You will need to understand general guidelines in terms of what vaccines are required and whether your pet needs to be microchipped or not. You will also need to know if there is a quarantine period mandated by the government of that country. Almost all countries require you to have a current rabies vaccination or a recent booster administered. Many countries will require an ISO microchip

There are also age restrictions in place and your pets will have to be at least a specified number of weeks old. This also applies to pet pregnancies and things may not go entirely in your favour if your pets don’t meet up with the requirements set by the government of the country you want to move to.

Consult a Vet

You should definitely talk to a vet in case you are not sure about any sort of problems faced by your pets. Your pets might not be prepared for long-distance travels and travelling with them regardless may cause them to have immediate complications.

While meeting with your vet, be sure you get a copy of your pet’s medical records. You should also get several months of prescribed medication for your pets. This is necessary as house shifting and other paperwork may make you unable to find another vet for your pet immediately.

Hire the Services of a Pet Relocation Service Provider

Just like we hire a packers and movers company for the relocation of our possessions, there are also pet relocation service providers that take care of the necessary steps for the relocation of your pets.

As with all types of service providers nowadays (including packers and movers), you need to be beware of scammers that might take advantage of your lack of knowledge while availing these services.

Time Your Move

Another major thing to understand is that many countries require you to get ready with the documents way earlier than you make your move. This basically means that you have to get ready with the move of your pets way earlier than your actual move. Countries like Japan require you to be ready about 6 months prior to your move.

Make Sure That Your Pets Get Comfortable in Their Crates

If you don’t have an airline travel crate for your pet get one immediately. This is necessary as pets don’t immediately get accustomed to their crate and take time to get familiar with it. Not all pets like to stay in their crates right away, as the owner of the pet you might need to make some positive association with it.

Crates can be comforting to your animal companion. You can artificially make the crates the place they receive their treats, favourite toys, etc. so that they may become more accustomed to it being the place of their rewards. You can also increase the amount of time your pet gets to be alone in their crate gradually to make it a place they don’t feel anxious in.

Inquire Your Airline

It is possible that your airline may have additional rules for travel of your pets that the country you are about to move doesn’t really have, these can be specifics regarding the size or weight of the pets or their crates, medication, or toys, etc.  

Get Your Papers Ready

This point may seem obvious to you but make sure that all your documentation regarding your pet is up to date and ready. These documents include documentation of your pet’s rabies vaccine or other vaccination, your vet’s letter clearing your pet for travel, documentation requirements from your airline or the country you are moving to, etc.

Make multiple copies of these documents and have them signed by the people you need the consent from. A missing or delayed signature can prove to be expensive and may even mean your pets being denied entry before the flight or at customs in your new home.

Type of Animal

While travelling with a cat or a dog is something that people frequently do while shifting houses internationally, your pet might not belong to the mentioned category at all. Make sure that your pet is allowed in the country of your choice before you take all the aforementioned steps.


No one wants to be separated from their pets for a long period of time. Moving houses internationally may require you to jump through a few hoops before you can say hello to your pets again. There are alternative courses of action that you can take, such as hiring the services of a pet relocation services provider or handling your pet to a friend that might be familiar with the pet for a short term (the key word here being a short term). But probably the best course of action that you can take is to be ready for anything in advance. Take care of yourself and stay hydrated.

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