Tips to get treatment of Laser hair removal in Gurgaon

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During a laser hair removal session, the Best Dermatologist in Gurgaon cleanses the treated area, applies a topical anesthetic, and measures the laser to your skin tone and the color of your hair. Due to this, these lasers can remove more unwanted hairs in the targeted area. Moreover, it can mitigate the risk of burning the skin.

Once the laser has warmed up to the right temperature, it will administer short bursts of laser light energy. Each burst lasts less than a second but can treat a quarter area. When the energy emitted by the laser hits the targeted hair follicles, the hair follicles absorb the energy-burning to avoid hair growth. Nobody denies the fact that the consultation helps you get a better idea of what you expect from Laser hair removal in Gurgaon. But certain things can be done without consultation, are as follows:

1. Exercise Patience

The results in hair removal are not immediate. Understand that the first session should be looked at as just the first session in a series of sessions you will undergo in pursuit of the long-lasting results you desire. Every step forward is a step toward the finish line and celebrate the progress each time you see the difference.

2. Shave Before You Arrive

Shaving makes it easy for the best dermatologist in Gurgaon to see the hair follicle. It ensures that each action with the laser is precise and gives the best results.

3. Do Not Wear Makeup

Wearing makeup can ruin the precision and effectiveness of the layer. Makeup is a barrier between the follicle and the laser. In case you are planning your treatment from work or have another reason to wear makeup earlier in the day, take time to wash your face thoroughly before you begin treatment.

4. Exercise First

Sweat after the treatment can irritate your skin. Thus, exercise before you go in for your treatment of laser hair removal in Gurgaon. Allow plenty of time between your workout and your session to enable a brief cool-off period and a shower.

5. Plan Your Time Accordingly

During your appointment, clearly understand your time requirements for your first session, including how early you should arrive to get prepared. If you are asked to apply any kind of gel or facewash in preparation, plan your schedule as per the required time.

6. Inventory Your Beauty Routine

Take a look through your beauty products and ensure that no ingredients could irritate or be harmful to your skin following your session. The best dermatologist in Gurgaon will give you a list of chemicals and cosmetic ingredients to avoid following each treatment to reduce irritation.


In conclusion, always follow the guidance and pre-treatment instructions laid out by your aesthetician/ skin specialist during your consultation. These rules and instructions will be based on years of experience and can help you better prepare for the days ahead and let you enjoy the best ways possible.