What are the pros and cons of copper roofing

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There are many options when it comes to choosing the material for your roof, like wood, slate, clay tiles, and metal. One of the choices is copper as well. Metal roofings generally have been present in construction for a few centuries and although they might appear visually modern, they are a pretty classical choice. Like any other material for your roof, copper offers some advantages, but there are a couple of disadvantages as well. Therefore, anyone who’s considering installing this type of roof or any other for that matter should consult professional roofers who can give them the best advice and guidance. Let’s mention some of the most important pros and cons of copper roofing.

When it comes to the benefits of copper roofing, we will mention the 4 most important of them. 

Copper roofs are durable

Copper has been known as a durable roof material and used for centuries. This characteristic is one of its main advantages. It is resistant to not only fire but also weather conditions such as hail. This makes it suitable for any geographical region, whether it’s sunny or rainy. Being durable spares you some money since you won’t have to repair your roof oftentimes, or replace it. If the maintenance is good, your copper roof can last even 50 years approximately which is a considerable amount of time. 

A copper roof reduces your energy expenses

We mentioned that copper is good for any weather condition. Being a metal, copper can reflect heat instead of absorbing it, which is very important during summer days. Your home won’t overheat and it will be easier to cool it. Furthermore, it implies that you won’t have to use your air condition system that much. Also, it will prevent the heat from going through the roof on winter days and thus you won’t need to spend so much money on heating your house. It’s a win-win situation for any season. 

Copper roofing is more sustainable

Copper is environmentally friendly since it’s durable and can be recycled. It also emits less carbon dioxide than some other materials which makes its impact on nature quite friendly. It is easy to clean and maintain as well and won’t require cleaning chemicals that can be harmful.

Copper roofing is lightweight and good looking

Another benefit of copper roofing is that copper is much lighter than some other materials like tiled roofs or wood. It means that the structure of your house won’t suffer too much pressure because of the heaviness of the material. This also implies that the copper roofs are easier and faster to install, it usually takes several hours only. 

When it comes to aesthetics, copper can look very classy and make your home pop up and shine in comparison to other houses. Copper roofing is not corrosive either and won’t obtain that rusty look after a while.  We can conclude that copper is both practical and good-looking, which makes it a double advantage. Also, copper roofing can match both modern and classical styles, so it is very versatile. 

When it comes to the disadvantages of copper roofing, here are some of them that an average client might find interesting. Many would agree that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages but one must take everything into account when deciding about their household. 

The cost of copper roofing 

This disadvantage can make many people reconsider their roofing material options. Although, copper is very durable and the first investment would pay off if you take care of your roof. However, for some people, it might turn out to be too expensive, so they can consider using copper only for some parts of their roof, like bay windows, low slope sections, and towers. It can be combined with slate or lead since these materials have a similar lifespan and complementary aesthetic properties, which makes them compatible. Perhaps this can be a more economical option if fully copper roofing seems too expensive for you. 

Copper roofs can be noisy

Although copper is highly resistant to weather conditions and corrosion, it is not resistant to noise. If the roof is installed over an open frame, this can be an issue that can bother you. However, if there are some underlayments below the roof, this can reduce the noise and solve this problem, at least partially. 

Copper roofs sometimes require repair

Although the maintenance is not too demanding or costly, weather conditions can sometimes cause the expansion or contraction of the copper roofs, which can require the repair of the fasteners. This is not too complicated to repair but it must be done properly for the safety of your home. 

Every home renovation decision requires information about the pros of the change you would like to introduce to your home. In this case, it is recommendable you consult a professional roofer to see the way for copper roofing to be done fast and aesthetically pleasing.