What to do when an HP printer is not working on a PC?

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HP is a popular hardware manufacturing company and best known for distributing PCs printers. This company offers robust gadgets at very good prices. New HP printers are easy to set up and also offer multi-functionality. You can use the HP printer to take a scan or fax. For home, people often prefer HP inkjet printers. Those printers offer excellent print quality. You can also take printouts of photographs in different sizes. But like other hardware devices, you can still get lots of problems while using an HP printer. Your printer can stop working due to various reasons.

Troubleshooting HP printer not working error

Run a printer troubleshooter

When your HP printer not responding, you can run the printer troubleshooter. Go to the system connected to your HP printer. Open the Update and Security page and then search for a troubleshooter. On the troubleshooter pane, click on Printer. Now tap on your printer name and hit the run button. Your printer troubleshooter will start inspecting the error. Wait until the printer troubleshooter shows a report wizard. If the report is showing fixed status, you can take printouts now. In case, your printer error is not fixed then click on read more and learn about the reasons behind the error.

Restart your HP printer

If the printer stops working without any warning then you should try restarting the printer. Your printer can get issues when some of the printer functions are not working. To run all those functions from the beginning, you have to restart the printer. Go to the HP printer and then remove its power cable (when the printer is on). Wait for about 15 seconds and then reconnect the power cable to the HP printer. Your printer will start automatically and all functions will start running. Reconnect the printer to the PC and now try to take the printouts.

Check the cable or network connection

When your printer is not working, check its connection cable. If the cable is loose or faulty then you should replace it. Sometimes the error appears when the USB port is not working. Go to the system and connect the printer cable to another USB port and then check the connection. For a network connection, check your router and WPS pin. Restart the router and then press the Wi-Fi button on your HP printer. Your printer’s Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking. Check the printer’s screen for the network’s name. Choose the correct network name and connect the printer. Now add the printer from a device on the same network to take the printouts.

Check the cartridges for ink

Your printer won’t print when the ink level is low. Go to the printer and check its ink level. If the level is very low then you have to replace the ink cartridge. Go to the HP printer and lift the scanner tray. Open the cartridge tray and remove the empty cartridge. Now remove the old empty cartridge from the printer. Install a new HP cartridge on the printer. Now check the ink status and take the printouts. Installing clone cartridges on the HP printer may show errors. Those cartridges don’t fit correctly and then start showing errors. To fix the error, you should use only original cartridges. If the original cartridges seem costly then refill your old cartridges. Purchase the ink and refill your cartridges. Now reinstall the refilled ink cartridges on your HP printer. Send a print command and take a printout from your HP device.

Check the printhead

Printing issues can appear when the printhead is not working correctly. The printhead may get clogged due to the dried ink. You should clean the printhead of your HP printer. Go to the HP printer and check its printhead. If the head is clogged then run a printer utility tool to clean it. On PC, go to Printers & Scanners. Now choose the HP printer and click on Properties. Hit on the Printing Preferences and tap on Service. Select Printer Service and select Clean Printheads. The printhead of your HP device will start cleaning automatically. After cleaning, check the printhead. If the printhead is not cleaned correctly, repeat the steps. You can also clean the printhead of your HP printer manually. Use a clean cloth and remove all the dried ink from the HP printer. After cleaning the head, your printer will start working correctly. Also, check for the printer’s fuser. This fuser uses pressure and heat to fuse the ink on the paper. But when the user runs the printer for a long time simultaneously, the fuser gets overheated and stops working. Check the fuser and shut down your printer until the fuser cools down, Now restart the printer and your fuser will start working correctly.

Reset your HP printer

If the printer is not working after making some changes on the settings page then undo them. But the user often forgets the default settings of the printer. Instead of changing the settings, you can reset the printer device. Go to your HP printer and then check the screen. Select Setup and hit on Tools. Choose Restore Defaults and hit on the OK button. Wait until the factory resetting completes. Now the user has to reconfigure the printer. After a factory reset, your printer forgets all the configuration and connection details. You have to reconnect the printer for taking the printouts.

Reinstall the cartridges

Some users reported that new or refilled cartridges are not working on HP printers. This error appears when the HP printer is not recognizing the cartridges. Many times, the user forgets to remove protective clips from the printer. Go to the printer and remove the cartridges. Now check the cartridge pins and protective tape. Remove the tape and reinstall the cartridges correctly. Ensure that cartridges’ pins are connecting the contacts. Now check the status of the cartridges and try printing your document. If the HP printer is not reading your refilled cartridge then remove all installed cartridges. Now take your refilled cartridge and install it on another slot. Check whether your HP printer is reading it or not. Now remove the refilled cartridges and start installing all the cartridges one by one. HP printer will read your refilled cartridge and you can take the printouts easily.