Your Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

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Gaurav Singh

We’ve all put off bathroom cleaning until visitors come or cleaned the toilet until an unsightly ring appears. It does. But serious cleaning isn’t scary. Keeping up with little cleaning tasks makes bigger seasonal cleaning tasks much simpler. Our bathroom cleaning checklist is divided down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so you know exactly what to do when.

Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Follow these daily bathroom cleaning tips to keep the place tidy.

1. Organize Counters

It’s essential to begin your day after your morning beauty ritual. Please restore any beauty products, hair grooming equipments, and toiletries to their proper places. Bathroom storage ideas might assist if you don’t have that much drawer space. This little decluttering practise will improve your attitude and your bathroom’s look.

2. Towels

When you come out of the shower, it’s simple to leave your damp towel on the floor. But hanging it up saves you (and your floor) from mould and mildew, and an additional load of washing!

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule to follow as a weekly process

Set a schedule each week to clean your bathroom’s surfaces and fixtures.

1. Clean Counters

Make doubly sure your cabinet is empty so you can properly clean your bathroom counters. The finest cleaning options depend on the surface. Marble and granite should be cleaned with warm soapy water rather than baking soda. Dry off any residual water.

2. Clean Toilet

The toilet is one of the most-used appliances in your bathroom and requires weekly cleaning. Firstly: Dust the tank and lid. This will save you from disinfecting filth later. Sterilize the toilet using bleach-based spray or foam. Begin at the rim and work your way outward. You may also use antacids and a toilet wand to clean within the toilet bowl. Vodka can even clean a toilet. If you don’t use disposable toilet brushes, soak them in a gallon of warm water for an hour to disinfect them. When cleaning with bleach, open windows or use an exhaust fan.

3. Clean Sink

In order to remove filth from your sink, faucet handles, and drain, just spray them with your preferred surface cleaner or a vinegar-water combination. Remove any debris that has built up between and beneath the faucet knobs. Surprisingly much muck lingers. Clean up any stray toothpaste or sink splatters by cleaning the faucet.

4. Drains

When you first turn on the water in the morning, pay close attention to the drains in your sink and shower. The slower the water travels down, the more likely there will be hair and accumulation. Carefully lift the stopper and use a wire hanger to unclog the drain. Then try a specialized gel clog remover. If not used correctly, these items may harm pipes, so read the owner’s manual first.

5) Vacuum and mop

Last, wipe the bathroom floor. You’ll want to do this last since dust, hair, and cleaning product chemicals may have spilled on the floor while cleaning. Vacuum loose dirt, then mop with soapy water. Sanitize ceramic tile, vinyl, or linoleum floors using 1 gallon warm water and 1/2 cup bleach. Also, remember to ventilate before using bleach.

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

Plan a thorough bathroom clean once a month. Follow these tips to keep your bathroom clean.

1. Mirrors

On the mirror, squirt ammonia-based glass cleaner. Wipe the mirror with a dry lint-free cloth in a circular motion until it is streak-free and shiny. Avoid using paper towels since they might create residue.

2. Scrub Shower/Tub

Remove any soap or shampoo bottles from the shower or bathtub prior to cleaning it with a scrubber. Use a commercial cleanser that contains ammonia, or make your own solution by filling a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and dish soap and spraying it down the drain. Spray the solution on the tub or shower’s walls, hardware, and floor. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes before brushing. Wash it all off with warm water, squeegee it or dry it with a microfiber towel.

Shower curtain and lining

Excess moisture in the bathroom breeds mould and mildew, and your shower curtain and liner are excellent targets. Wash them once a month, following the care tag’s directions. While they’re tumbling, clean the rod and rings.


Bath mats and rugs attract hair, dust, and other debris from shoes during last-minute mirror inspections. Rugs may be cleaned in the washing machine in the majority of cases; however, always check the care label first. What? Use our entire guide on cleaning bathroom rugs to identify the best procedure for each type.

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

Some bathroom cleaning tasks only need to be done annually. Include these actions in your spring and autumn cleaning routines to maintain the room tidy all year.

1. Empty Trash

Unless you constantly use a liner, wash your garbage container every few months. After removing any garbage, fill the bin with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Soak it as required, then dry it with an old cloth or paper towel.

2. Sealing :

Are your bathroom or shower countertops granite or marble? If so, reseal them with a professional sealer every few months to keep them looking good. Pour a few droplets of water on the granite to see whether it needs sealing. If it bubbles, don’t seal it yet. If it soaks in, reseal.

3. Sort Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet, while usually hidden, also requires some TLC. Begin by sorting the items and carefully disposing of any medication or outdated toiletries. Cleaning wipes or soapy water, together with a microfiber cloth, may be used to disinfect the shelves before returning products to them.

4. Baseboards:

Bathroom baseboards seem to collect all dust. Have youngsters dust hard-to-reach locations using a microfiber cloth. Using a professional wood cleaner can restore the gloss.

5. Clean Bathroom Ventilator

Remember this bathroom feature even if it’s out of sight. Ideally, clean your exhaust vents every six months or season. Not doing so might reduce the fan’s effectiveness, causing unwanted moisture buildup in your bathroom. To clean a bathroom exhaust fan, turn off the electricity. Remove the ceiling vent cover. Prepare a trash container and eye protection since dust may fall when the lid is removed. Using a microfiber cloth, dust the cover, then wash it. Dry it entirely before re-screwing it.

Organize your bathroom cleaning tasks with this helpful checklist. Try printing it and sticking it inside a bathroom cabinet door to make it immediately accessible. So you (and your family!) know precisely what to clean.


  1. What is a bidet in a bathroom?

A bidet is a bathroom accessory that is specifically designed to clean your genitals. Using it as a major method of post-toilet cleanup, many people all over the globe rely on it. Using a focused jet of water, modern bidets can quickly and gently clean away even the toughest messes.

  1. What are the bathroom cleaning supplies and equipment needed for a toilet bowl?
  2. Trash Disposal Devices
  3. Towel-Dropping Toilet Cleaners Towels for the toilet
  4. Towels and Towels
  5. Disposable Toilet Cleaning Systems with Eye and Hand Protection
  6. Paper towels and rags are also often used in the bathroom.
  1. When it comes to toilet cleaning, what’s the most effective method?

To begin, fill the toilet bowl with toilet cleanser and let it soak for a few minutes. Spray the toilet’s outside with an all-purpose disinfectant while the cleaning soaks in. Once the inside of the toilet is clean, use a scrub sponge to scrape the outside. To clean the toilet bowl, use a toilet brush once the outside has been cleaned.